Burtonsville Baptist Church

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As a church, we want all that we do to flow from a love for the gospel into a deeper love for the gospel. The result of this unending flow is a church full of Christians living out the gospel together. Ministry here at BBC revolves around us modeling the humility and sacrifice of Christ by serving one another in love.

There are three important components we want to build into every ministry.


We believe that ministry must be relational.  We strive to live life together so that we can serve and love one another with our lives. We want our corporate ministries to structure and fuel the organic life-on-life ministry of the gospel.


While it is important to be relational, we must also be biblical. Life-on-life ministry must be grounded in Word-on-life ministry for gospel ministry to exist. We want God’s Word to be the rich soil in which our organic relationships grow.


Without honesty, ministry will neither be relational nor biblical. We want to promote a church environment where we can be honest with one another about our sin, hurts, and needs while we look desperately to the Cross.  There is no place for pride before the Cross, and so we strive for honesty and humility in our ministries.