Burtonsville Baptist Church

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Here you find the resources that are unique to BBC: our distinctives in worship, our church covenant and Statement of Faith, and many more.

Statement of Faith: Our church's Statement of Faith outlines the important doctrinal distinctives of our church.

Church Covenant: Our Church Covenant outlines the commitments we strive to live by as members of this church.

The Invitation (eBook): "You may be wondering why there isn’t a traditional invitation at the conclusion of our services. Do we not believe in evangelism? Do we not want people to be saved? How are we to apply the sermon? All of these questions, and probably many more may have entered your mind." In this short booklet, Pastor Justin explains why we do not have a traditional invitation in our church services here at BBC.

Strategic Servants: A (Re)Introduction to the Deacon Ministry: With the transition to an elders-led structure of church government, the deacon ministry at BBC has also been redesigned. This small booklet is an explanation of how the deacon ministry will operate in our new church model.

2-A-Day Bible Reading Program: Our friends at Covenant Life Church in Gaithersburg have agreed to let us use this wonderful Bible Reading Plan. The program's genius is in its simplicity. You read two chapters of the Bible a day (Old and New Testament). You then talk to two people about what you read -- God in prayer and another person in conversation. That's it: 2 chapters-a-day, 2 people-a-day! Even in our busy lives, we have time for that! Yet if you follow this simple program, over the course of one year, you will have read all of the New Testament, a large portion of the Old Testament, AND strengthened another Christian to do the same! It is a simple plan with powerful results.