Burtonsville Baptist Church

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Here at BBC we strive for meaningful church membership. We believe church membership is sacred and essential.

Here is why . . .

Membership is Identification

Membership is how a local church identifies a professing Christian as a genuine Christian. Through membership the church is saying, “If you want to see a real Christian then look at our members. We endorse them as Christians.” We want every person we endorse to be an example of the gospel’s power. We take membership seriously because we take the purity of the church’s corporate testimony seriously.

Membership is Commitment

Mutual commitment is at the heart of membership. These sacred commitments are expressed in a church covenant. This covenant expresses how each member will love and support one another during this perilous journey of the Christian life. We take membership seriously because we are serious about the commitments we’ve made to one another.

Membership is Edification

Membership is about strengthening one another in Christ. We are too weak and sinful to live in isolation; therefore, we desperately seek to mutually depend upon one another in grace. We take membership seriously because we are serious about supporting and caring for one another in a gospel-saturated way.

You can download our Church Covenant and Statement of Faith