Burtonsville Baptist Church

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Burtonsville Baptist Church is a committed community of everyday people who have been rescued by the amazing grace of a loving God. There are several important aspects to know about us.

We are forgiven.

We are not a perfect church composed of perfect people living perfect lives. Actually the opposite is true. We are an imperfect church composed of imperfect people living imperfect lives. Yet, amazingly we have been sought by and received forgiveness through the undeserved mercy of God found in Jesus Christ. Having been forgiven, we strive together to live in love and obedience to Jesus Christ.

We are committed.

We are committed to God and to one another. Recognizing we are all imperfect, we seek to humbly and lovingly confess and forgive one another. As a church we are committed to sharing our lives and struggles together, as well as the hope and power of the gospel. We believe these biblical relationships are essential for our perseverance and Christ-likeness.

We are diverse. 

Our diversity in age, race, and life circumstances makes the marvelous reality of the first two qualities shine. When a group of imperfect people who would normally be fragmented in division are committed to one another in love and humility, the power of the gospel is displayed. In our innumerable differences, we want the unifying peace of Jesus to define us to God’s delight and the world’s amazement.